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Figurenotes is a simple system designed to demystify the first steps in learning to read music.  Each musical note has a corresponding coloured symbol. With the help of stickers on the instruments, learners play what they see.

Figurenotes starts with two simple concepts:


Find the matching shape on your instrument and play it.



Play the same note with a steady pulse.


Figurenotes was developed in Finland by music educators Kaarlo Uusitalo and Markku Kaikkonen at the Resonaari School in Helsinki  (  There they have been teaching adults with learning support needs to play, read and perform music with great success for over 15 years.




“I have been teaching a boy of 5 who is on the high end of the autistic spectrum.  Today he had only his fourth lesson with Figurenotes but he was playing Old Macdonald – it made him so happy that he had done that and he wouldn’t stop jumping up and down!”

Music Teacher Emma Fennessy, Kent



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