Hazel Turnbull

Hazel first started playing music when she joined the local pipe band at eleven years old.  It became apparent that she had a natural talent for the pipes, and she quickly graduated into the competing pipe band.  From there Hazel began to expand her musical horizons at school showing a flair for xylophone and timpani, which she went on to study for a year with the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama Youthworks programme in 2006.

Hazel studied music at the University of Aberdeen, graduating in 2011 with her honours degree in Performance and Composition.

Since graduating, Hazel has been teaching both bagpipes and piano privately whilst trying to gather as much music experience as possible, including: work as a Music Assistant with New Rhythms for Glasgow, performing at the International Folk Festival in Imbsheim, volunteering with her local Hospital radio station as a request collector and producer, demonstrating a new music composition software with the ManHigh Project, and volunteering with Drake Music Scotland.  She has recently released a collaborative album of Scottish traditional music as part of the Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin’s Archive Project.

Hazel strongly believes in the benefits of music performance and the ways it can encourage inclusivity and self-expression, and she is keen to increase her knowledge and experience in this area.