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The sound of many waters

29 September 2015

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8 September 2015


Back to School

2 September 2015


How I did on Twitter this week: 10 New Followers, 9 Mentions, 17.6K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
- Sunday Oct 4 - 10:46am

My best RTs this week came from: @EastAyrshire @TheCumnockTryst #thankSAll Who were yours?
- Saturday Oct 3 - 12:01pm

RT @ArtyBagger: What fabulous music @DrakeMusicScot just treated us to at @TheCumnockTryst
- Friday Oct 2 - 11:04pm

Excitement @TheCumnockTryst as a packed Trinity church awaits the brilliance that is @kingssingers
- Friday Oct 2 - 7:53pm

Excitement in the hall at Cumnock Academy @TheCumnockTryst as we begin!
- Friday Oct 2 - 11:35am

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