Equilibrium part of the world famous @ScotlandRHShow yesterday - well done everyone! https://t.co/apVJjRKBoJ
- Friday Jun 24 - 6:29am

RT @PreSonus: @DrakeMusicScot @NOTIONMusic @Tech4GoodAwards BEST OF LUCK!!!!
- Thursday Jun 23 - 9:18pm

RT @TradMusicForum: TMF members on it with the soc media! @Knockengorroch @STBFestival @AIYF @HebCelt @DrakeMusicScot @ThePipingCentre @Woo
- Thursday Jun 23 - 9:17pm

RT @thumbjam: Drake Music Scotland is completely awesome! https://t.co/jYuIeBe4Zd @DrakeMusicScot
- Thursday Jun 23 - 2:55pm

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